tobii pro Lab

Pro Lab is the eye tracking software designed for conducting experimental reSearch with tobii pro hardware. 灵活的平台指导和支持bet8手机app者通过整个bet8手机app工作流程, from simple to complex experiments.

Eye tracking software for experimental reSearch

tobii pro Lab constitutes – together with tobii pro hardware – a complete solution for reSearching human behavior. It provides a visual user interface and dedicated software features that efficiently guide and support the reSearcher through all phases of an eye tracking experiment – from test design and recording to analysis.

designed to facilitate good experimental practice, Pro Lab makes it simple for beginners to get started with eye tracking and offers a large degree of flexibility as you grow your reSearch ambitions.

Pro Lab is our dedicated software to work with our screen-based and wearable eye trackers for the most optimal and efficient data streams processing.


Workflow efficiency

Pro Lab adds efficiency in every step of your reSearch process with a visual and functional user interface and specialized software features. You can easily create complex experiments, collect eye tracking data, observe and qualitatively analyze individual 存储, 并聚集数据进行定量分析和可视化-所有在一个单一的解决方案.

tobii pro Lab software icon
tobii pro Lab, eye tracking software

Ready-to-publish results

Pro Lab's analysis and visualization tools allow you to easily process and prepare large volumes of eye tracking data for useful comparison, interpretation, and presentation. You can calculate a variety of eye tracking metrics and create visual representations of your data thus obtaining a top-down Overview of your data and report findings.

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Data you can trust

Pro Lab is built on a platform that ensures precise and consistent timing accuracy – down to the millisecond. 多亏了透明的工具来控制你收集的数据, 你可以自信地相信你的分析和发现. This includes customizable gaze filters, 完全访问所有的原始凝视数据以及度量计算的见解.

Integration and co-registration

Pro Lab促进了眼球跟踪与生物特征数据流的结合, like脑电图, gsr, and像是. Native integration of the Shimmer3 gsr+ Unit provides a single software solution when used together with our screen-based hardware. For co-registration with other data sources, it's possible to send a TTL marker at every stimulus onset to ensure precise data synchronization.

戴着脑电图帽的男子看着tobii pro Spectrum屏幕

的 editions

tobii pro Lab is a comprehensive solution that works with all our eye trackers - from screen-based to wearable. 选择三个不同的版本,以满足您的特定需求, 作为永久和订阅bet8体育:完整版, analyzer Edition, and screen-based Edition.


Full edition

完整版提供了设计所需的所有模块, record, and analyze your screen-based experiments. You can also add your wearable 存储 and use the advanced analysis tools to obtain your output of interest. The Full edition covers all the features offered by the analyzer and screen-based editions and, additionally, it provides seamless integration with e - prime.

analyzer edition

The analyzer edition provides both an automated and manual mapping of data from tobii pro glasses 2 and 3, thereby saving time and increasing productivity. 它提供了对后期分析所需的完整工具集的访问, visualization, 以及数据和视频导出您的可穿戴记录.

screen-based edition

This edition provides the entire stack of eye tracking tools to support all steps of your screen-based study: from test design and recording to analysis and data export. As with all other editions, 您可以在任何时候完全控制和访问本地存储的原始和处理过的数据.


Full Edition


                     Project types




Scene Camera




screen based edition


                     Project types





Scene Camera

external presenter



analyzer edition


                     Project types





Scene Camera





support for multiple study setups

使用Pro Lab在广泛的bet8手机app类型-从固定的实验室设置与屏幕为基础, or physical stimuli, to participants moving around in real-world environments.

  • design, record and analyze screen-based content, 有可能整合其他生物识别传感器.
  • Scene camera 存储 and analysis 有可能整合其他生物识别传感器.
  • Import and analyze tobii pro glasses 3 存储.

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tobii pro Lab binned metrics webinar

Binned metrics

在本节中,您将介绍tobii pro Lab中的binned度量的概念.

Watch the instructional video

tobii pro Lab assisted mapping webinar

Assisted mapping

了解更多关于如何使用tobii pro Lab从可穿戴式眼动仪分析数据.

Watch the instructional video

tobii pro Lab infant callibration webinar

Infant calibration

In this presentation we’ll cover the improvements and enhancements to the infant calibration routine in tobii pro Lab.

Watch the instructional video

Flexible experiment design

Easily design randomized experiments with hundreds of stimuli for a variety of screen-based reSearch paradigms and scenarios.

  • Images and video stimuli
  • screen recording stimulus
  • Tools for stimuli presentation order and repetition
  • Group and stimulus variables
  • Efficient drag-and-drop interface with in-line editing
  • Integration with e - prime allows you to use e - prime for more complex design/presentation handling and process the raw data in Pro Lab. 

read more about e - prime® Extensions for tobii pro here.

tobii pro Lab, eye tracking software
tobii pro Lab, eye tracking software

Transparent recording workflow

Present stimuli and record eye tracking data while monitoring the progress with user-friendly moderator and control tools.

  • 直观的设置您的眼动仪,场景相机,和Shimmer gsr设备
  • 灵活的校准和验证与数字结果反馈的准确性和精度
  • Dedicated infant calibration tool
  • Live status of recording devices and sensors
  • 实时观察参与者的注视和刺激
tobii pro Lab software feature: Event Coding

Gaze replay and event coding

Replay 存储 with participants' gaze superimposed. Use custom events to annotate segments of specific interest and to code user behavior for filtering out relevant data sets. 情节凝视数据和调整凝视过滤器完全透明.

  • Gaze replay and video export
  • Custom event coding and event export
  • 注视图绘制注视数据屏幕坐标和注视速度
  • 可定制的眼动分类滤镜

Powerful analytics and visualizations

Calculate areas of interest (AOIs) or event metrics and visualize your data for quantitative analysis and interpretation. You can optimize your workflow by filtering out and focusing only on relevant data sets in order to answer reSearch questions using behavioral-coding methods.

  • Segmentation of data with Times of Interest (TOI)
  • Metrics based on TOI's and static and dynamic AOIs
  • Task-based event metrics
  • Heatmap and gaze plot visualizations
  • Data segmentation based on participant variables
  • Export of raw data and metrics with advanced filtering options to only export relevant data sets
tobii pro Lab, eye tracking software
tobii pro Lab: gsr Integration

Integration with gsr (galvanic skin response)

用gsr数据丰富您基于屏幕的眼动跟踪bet8手机app,并获得额外的见解. By integrating the Shimmer3 gsr+ Unit, Pro Lab提供从bet8手机app设计和记录到可视化, analysis, and export of gsr data combined with eye tracking data.

  • Integrated recording and automatic synchronization of gsr data and eye tracking data from our screen-based eye trackers
  • gsr和眼动跟踪数据图表显示在同一时间线上
  • Filtering of gsr data and gsr metrics
  • 导出gsr数据和指标,连同眼睛跟踪,在一个文件

This solution allows for the analysis of participants' emotional intensity concurrent with their visual attention to stimuli.

Simple data synchronization

Co-register stimuli presentation and eye tracking data 存储 with other biometric data streams without the need for configuration or extensive technical knowledge.

  • ttl signals, 在刺激开始时通过并行端口由软件发送, are turned on with a click of the mouse
  • 精确和一致的毫秒计时刺激的开始和持续时间
  • 在屏幕上显示图像的时间短至50毫秒
  • Use the sent events for efficient synchronization
  • Process the eye tracking data in Pro Lab, export it (PLOF format) and import it into supporting third-party biometric software for more comprehensive data representation.

In this video, Estefania Dominguez, Biometric Specialist at tobii pro, 提出了眼动跟踪和脑电图结合的挑战和好处的bet8手机app视角.


tobii pro Lab的组合解决方案为用户提供了一个完整的共同注册工作流, including a synchronization method and data merge tools, therefore avoiding the need of dealing with technical details of co-registration and allowing the user to focus on their reSearch study. This solution is now available in tobii pro Lab, to record and analyse eye tracking data together with other data streams from EEG and Biometric market leaders companies, to provide a robust and reliable solution.

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Get a trial version

填写表格,获得30天免费访问tobii pro Lab.

Included in the package:

  • tobii pro Lab installer
  • Sample projects with prepared study designs
  • Pre-recorded eye tracking data
  • Project walk-through videos


supported tobii pro Eye tracker current models

(supported from Lab version x.xx/ or by default if not specified)

  • tobii pro Spectrum
  • tobii pro Fusion (v1.130)
  • tobii pro glasses 3 (v1.145)
  • tobii pro Nano (v1.102)

Please note: for screen-based eye trackers, tobii pro Lab's Full or screen-based license is required. 对于可穿戴式眼球追踪器,需要分析仪许可证.

supported discontinued tobii pro Eye Tracker models

(supported from Lab version x.xx/ or by default if not specified)

  • tobii pro glasses 2
  • tobii pro X3-120 (USB & epu)
  • tobii pro TX300
  • tobii pro T60 XL
  • tobii pro T120
  • tobii pro T60
  • tobii pro X120
  • tobii pro X60
  • tobii pro X2-60
  • tobii pro X2-30

Please note: for screen-based eye trackers, tobii pro Lab's Full or screen-based license is required. 对于可穿戴式眼球追踪器,需要分析仪许可证.

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A woman looking at tobii pro Spectrum



共同注册是指同时记录多个数据流. 眼动跟踪数据和其他数据流的联合注册会有所帮助, in some experiments, to get a better understanding of human behavior.

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