Device by Cedrus® for synchronizing stimuli events with eye tracking data from the bet8体育职业频谱 eye tracker and physiological data with real-time temporal precision.



StimTracker by Cedrus® enables you to reliably and accurately time stamp visual, auditory and participant response events with eye tracking data from our 光谱眼跟踪系统 精确到一毫秒.

The versatile StimTracker is able to connect to several leading EEG and biometric data collection systems, 以及一个PC并行端口. The same events are sent simultaneously to the eye tracker and any other compatible devices, allowing you to synchronize eye tracking data with other data streams with millisecond accuracy.

A yound man wearing EEG cap looks at a screen of bet8体育职业频谱 eye tracker


StimTracker provides a reliable and accurate solution to time stamp the onset of screen-based visual stimuli (e.g. images shown in bet8体育专业实验室 and eye tracking data from 箴频谱) down to a timing accuracy of less than a millisecond. This exceptional timing accuracy benefits studies that require a high temporal resolution, such as reaction time tests and subliminal single-frame stimuli tests.

独立于操作系统的延迟, 图形卡, 或者像素刷新算法, pixel changes on the screen are detected by a light sensor and then sent by StimTracker to 箴频谱 as event markers. Stimuli changes can then be accessed by users of Pro Lab directly in their eye tracking data, 或者可以将它们导出到其他分析程序中. 除此之外, any other stimuli presentation or eye tracking recording software that works with our eye tracker through the bet8体育职业 SDK can be used.


StimTracker provides a versatile solution for synchronizing eye tracking information with other physiological data. This system connects to a range of external EEG products and other biometric data collection systems. The StimTracker event and EEG data can be synchronized with an estimated timing accuracy of approximately 1 frame rate (1 millisecond for 1 kHz system). The accuracy of the synchronization between the StimTracker event and eye tracking data is independent of the sampling rate of the 箴频谱 时间戳精度为50微秒.

The exceptional timing accuracy enables researchers to know exactly where someone looks when certain effects in the human body occur. 跳阅, 大微跳阅, 眨眼可以被检测到, 从这些信息, 脑电图或其他数据中的伪影可以被纠正.

不仅仅是视觉事件与StimTracker Duo和Quad

StimTracker有两种型号:Duo和Quad. Both models can send events simultaneously to a bet8体育职业频谱 eye tracker and another EEG or biometric device compatible with StimTracker (see list below).

StimTracker Duo can accurately mark the onset of on-screen visual stimuli using a light sensor (up to 2 light sensors), 听觉刺激的开始, RB-x40响应板按键.

StimTracker四可以, 除此之外, mark the onset of vocal responses from a participant and connect to two further light sensors and to two more EEG or biometric devices.

StimTracker uses m-pod devices to deliver the event signals to devices. bet8体育职业光谱的StimTracker包括:

  • StimTracker Duo或Quad
  • m-pod为bet8体育职业频谱
  • (可选), an m-pod for any compatible EEG or biometric device that needs to be synchronized with eye tracking data.

For more information about StimTracker Duo and Quad and the latest list of compatible manufacturers visit the 雪松官方网站.



StimTracker兼容, 并配备了连接, the following EEG and physiological data collection systems (through Cedrus-manufactured m-pod adapters):

  • 反弹道导弹
  • ADInstruments”PowerLab
  • 蚂蚁神经
  • Biopac
  • BioSemi
  • 大脑的bet8体育
  • EGI
  • Mangold
  • Neuroscan
  • 智力劳动
  • NIRx
  • IWorx
  • Bittium

StimTracker也可以连接到PC的并行端口, 以及基于pc的记录系统.

部分 & 建设


通过使用模拟光传感器, StimTracker为bet8体育职业频谱提供了一个快速, 健壮的, 可靠的解决方案,时间戳的出现的视觉刺激. The system is free from any software or timing errors that might occur due to delays in operating systems, 图形卡, 或pixel-refresh算法. Windows and Linux are not real-time operating systems which can make it difficult to ensure that a picture was shown at an exact time. StimTracker的光传感器解决方案解决了这个问题.


当新的刺激出现时, the Cedrus Light Sensor detects a change and generates a TTL binary voltage signal (0 and 5 V). The signal is then transmitted via the StimTracker unit to the 箴频谱 and the other biometric data collection system. The eye tracker receives the signal, creates an event, and packages it. The StimTracker event is time stamped as soon as the event is detected, 独立于眼动仪的采样率. The eye tracker sends the data to Pro Lab and the StimTracker event (EyeTracker TTL in) is integrated in the eye tracking recording. 事件 can then be used to post-synchronize the eye tracking information with the other EEG or biometric system data.


基于屏幕的眼动仪用于行为bet8手机app. 用于bet8手机app眼球运动,如扫视, micro-saccades, 同时允许头部自然运动. 阅读更多
为行为bet8手机app而设计的软件. 它支持你完成所有阶段的学习, 使其易于设计, 检查, 分析你的作品. 阅读更多
Researchers use this tool to synchronize eye tracking data with most EEG, 心电图, 肌电图, GSR和NIRS系统. 阅读更多